Buffon Macaw

Buffon Macaw (Picture Temporarily Unavailable)

The Buffon's Macaw, often mistaken for the more commonly available Military Macaw, has been quite a rarity... and as such it commands a high price!


Highly endangered birds, the Buffon's Macaw (also known as the Great Green or Grand Military Macaw) are extremely rare in the wild. Though this macaw has been quite scare they have proven to be good breeders in captivity. Today the Buffon's Macaw is not only becoming more available, but a few captive bred birds have also been re-introduced into the wild in some areas of its native habitation.


As a pet the Buffon's Macaw is quite docile and affectionate. Even breeding pairs have been known to be friendly. Like all macaws they are also quite intelligent and inquisitive. They are considered to be fair talkers and are excellent at learning tricks. These birds are very social and make wonderful pets. They also make a great aviary bird as they enjoy the company of a flock. In the wild they are seldom seen alone.