Parrot Heaven Aviaries offers its own line of support products which are all designed by us , and manufactured locally in Cameroon.


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Parrot Cages

Having an extensive background in both engineering and aviculture the design and manufacture of first quality parrot cages came relatively easy to us.

Presently we offer two models to choose from, 2' x 2' x 3' , and 3' x 2' x 3'. Both of these stand 5' 6" tall with a built in "T" type perch above the top panel.

The caging itself is manufactured from 3/16ths diameter wire, custom welded and powder coated in a variety of colors (see black cage on right) for maximum strength and safety.

The bottom tray is made of stainless steel for long lasting quality.

parrot cage




Available Sizes:
2' X 2' X 3'......$550 (shown) 3' X 2' X 3'......$650


Our designs include no dangerous converging gaps, or scrollwork where a bird may get trapped, injured, or worse!






Parrot Food

Combining our years of experience, and that of animal nutritionists, we at Milkwood have produced a pelletized diet that fulfills the needs of our many birds , and will hopefully soon become the choice of yours.

Being produced locally, and in small batches allows us to ensure both product quality and freshness.

This product is currently available in cherry or banana flavor in 55lb bags or our smaller 10lb reusable plastic containers to fill the needs of the single pet owner.
10 lbs ...$15.00
40lbs .....$36.80

parrot cage

Parrot Cage Litter

Tired of using newspaper to line the cage?

Use our natural source bedding material. It provides an excellent alternative for the cage or stand bottom.

Clean up is quick and easy using only a brush and dust pan.

Available in 40 lb (18kg) bags ......$ 25.00


Parrot Toys

Our parrot toys come in various designs and are made on site from safe unsprayed trees, giving us the opportunity to retail the best for less.