Umbrella Cockatoos

umbrella cockatoo, parrot


Umbrella Cockatoos are 17 - 18 inches in length. Its plumage is white, as is its broad, feathered crest. The beak is black, as are the legs and feet. The eye ring is white with a hint of blue, and the iris is dark brown to black in males and red to reddish in brown in females.

The undersides of the flight and tail are fused with yellow.

Families with children provide a wonderful environment for an umbrella cockatoos; they certainly have enough love for many owners.

Only an unloved umbrella cockatoo is a problem.

What to Look For.

Look for a bird that is interactive and interested in sights and sounds. Look for a baby that expresses interest and attention by puffing out its head and neck feathers, stretching its wings (singly with a leg out or both shoulders stretched straight up), bobbing its head up and down solicitously or quickly wagging its tail from side to side.

These easily observable happiness behaviors are indications that the bird is interested in what is going on.