Green Wing Macaw

Green wing Macaw (Picture Temporarily Unavailable)

The biggest of the commonly available macaws is the greenwing. Although this macaw is not much larger in length than the military, it is substantially larger in body bulk, head and beak size. Many prospective macaws buyers are put off by the large, almost threatening size of their beaks. Although the larger the beak the greater the leverage and damage that can be caused if the bird had such a desire, the truth is that the greenwing's actions have built a reputation of being one of the most calm and naturally gentle birds.


The overall body color is a deep red. Some birds will almost approach a maroon in coloration. As their name implies, they have a and of dark green feathers that separate the deep red of the upper wing from the dark flights feathers at the lower portion. Like scarlets, they have colored upper mandibles. Their range is similar to that of the blue and gold macaw, taking up the vast built of northern and central South American. No Photo Available at this time.